Partner With Us

African Investment invites National Trade & Investment Promotion Agencies, Chambers of Commerce, Law Firms, Corporate Advisors and other organisations to partner with us.

Partnering with us enables the collective promotion of trade, business, and investment opportunities across global markets, harnessing the power of collaboration to drive economic growth and development on the African continent. Partnering with key stakeholders, African Investments Limited leverages these collective resources and expertise to facilitate economic growth, create synergies, and drive sustainable development in the region.

By partnering with National Trade & Investment Promotion Agencies, Chambers of Commerce, Law Firms, Corporate Advisors and others African Investments Limited pools resources, expertise, and networks to create a dynamic and effective platform. Each entity brings its unique strengths to the collaboration: the Trade & Investment Promotion Agencies can provide valuable market insights, facilitate connections, and promote investment policies, the Chambers of Commerce can contribute their industry knowledge, business networks, and advocacy efforts, the Law Firms can offer legal expertise and guidance for business transactions and regulatory matters, while Corporate Advisors bring new investment and business opportunities into the network.

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Find New US - Africa Trade Partnerships

African Investments has recently been engaged by Prosper Africa, a US Government initiative, to substantially enhance US-Africa trade.

Prosper Africa is a valuable program that offers businesses from both regions the chance to explore new markets for importing and exporting goods. African Investments, as part of this initiative, can assist in facilitating new trade agreements between US and African companies.

What sets this initiative apart is that African Investments provides its services at no cost to either party involved. This means that businesses seeking to expand their trade opportunities between the US and Africa can benefit from the expertise and assistance offered by African Investments without incurring any additional expenses.

To learn more about our US – Africa trade initiative please contact Zelna Prinsloo at